Saturday, November 06, 2004

Cool Thing About Linux

I haven't posted much lately. Partly that is because I was so morose about the election. Partly it's because I trashed my operating system. As I've learned more about Linux, I decided to try to compile a customized kernel. Ooops. The cool thing about it is that I was up and working again very quickly. I keep a copy of Knoppix nearby. I put the CD in the drve, booted from the CD, and was back in business. Although I still don't have the complete system back, I have access to all my files, and Knoppix has enough applications that I can still do about as much as I could with the complete SuSE installation. That kind of quick recovery is just plain impossible with Windows. Of course, I supppose, people don't go around compiling their own Windows kernels, either, but the point still stands: recovering from a Linux crash is really really easy.