Friday, October 22, 2004

Absentee Ballot Couriers?

I've heard that this is happening in Ann Arbor, too...
Absentee ballot couriers: Knauss voices opposition
[...] Drake said she received a phone call Tuesday from a man who heard of couriers calling people insisting they had to pick up absentee ballot.

Couriers can call people asking if they would like someone to pick up their ballots, but they can't insist on it or say it has to be done that way. People can mail in their ballots or deliver them to the auditor's office in person.

But Pottawattamie County Supervisor Loren Knauss left no doubt about what he thinks of this issue.

"It has to stop. We need to realize that when people pick up absentee ballots, there is the possibility that voter fraud could be committed and a chance that that ballot may never make it the courthouse where it is supposed to go," he said.

When asked if that was an accusation, Knauss said, "It's a reality. I can assure you that over the years, more than one ballot has not made it to the courthouse. [...]
I have not heard of anyone falling for this particular ploy, but it is being tried here, too.  Don't let anyone whom you do not know pick up your ballot.