Saturday, February 28, 2004

No More on Ron Suskind and Paul O'Neill

I have posted a few things about the book, The Price of Loyalty.  I was going to write a grand summary, of sorts, but I have decided not to.  The reason is that so many others are tracking the subject, and this blog is not really about politics.  Except when I can't stop myself. 

See         Ron Suskind's own site
               Brad DeLong's commentary
               Economists for Dean commentary
               American Footprint

There are others, but I think those are the main ones.  Brad DeLong in particular has written quite a lot on the subject, and does a better job than I would.  Hullabaloo comments on things in the O'Neill memos that Suskind has posted on his web site. 

By the way, If you use a blog aggregator like Bloglines, you can search for text that occurs in other people's blogs.  It's pretty useful.