Sunday, April 30, 2006

BIG Moose


A junction in the northern part of Sweden, a destination for people all over the world, a monument dedicated to wilderness, nature and the king of the forest. Our goal is for this giant moose to be "born" before the end of 2006.

  • Situated on top of the mountain "Vithatten"
  • 2 legs in the district of Arvidsjaur and region "Norrbotten".
  • 2 legs in the district of Skellefteå and region "Västerbotten."
  • Construction completely made of gluelam wood with steeltubes in the legs and in the "pinetree".
  • Approx. 47 m long, 12 m wide, 35 m on the back, ca 45 m on the antlers. The antlers incl. tines approx. 100 m².
  • The moose will bite onto a pinetree, inside the pine an elevator will lift people up to enter the moose through the mouth. The branches from the pine will serve as an umbrella over the antlers.
  • The exterior will be made from heat-preparated wood, which makes it possible to decide colour by using different temperatures.
  • A track will be made for those who rather want to walk to the top.
  • Inside the moose there will be 3 floors with a total size of approx. 1500 m² and a floor in the throat with a size of 250 m².
  • Done by December 2006.
The interior will contain a concert hall, dining hall, and conference center.  There also will be galleries for artists to sell their creative works.  

Governor Grandholm should take note of this for her "cool cities" concept.  Maybe Ann Arbor could build a huge Wolverine, and put a football field inside.  Next thing you know, Los Angeles will build a giant Trojan Horse.