Thursday, April 27, 2006

33rd Skeptic's Circle
And More

The 33rd Skeptic's Circle, a biweekly carnival of skepticism, has been posted by Borac at Science and Politics. It is nicely organized, with an entertaining, whimsical overtone. Running a carnival takes a lot of work; thanks to Borac for putting this together.
Also, I notice that Sine.Qua.Non Journal is collecting what will be a virtual clearinghouse for articles and links pertaining to the US involvement in torture, at Torture, Abuse & Detainee Database. They are looking for contributions, so if anyone has blog posts, or links to articles or other information on the subject, please consider dropping them a line at sinequanonblog [@] yahoo.com. (The email address is obscured as an anti-spam measure; just take out the spaces and the square brackets to get the real email address.

I am hopeful that they can build up an impressive collection to help keep this important issue bright on the American political radar screen.