Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Peace Café

Just got back from the Peace Café, held at Arbor Brewing Company, in their "Tap Room".   Annie and Ron Capps were there, playing folk music, delightful as always.  There were a few empty chairs, but not many.  There were a lot of people standing too, so probably if everyone had sat down, all the chairs would have been filled.  

Phillis Engelbert spoke for a few minutes about the domestic spying program, then took comments from the audience.  We took a straw poll to sample opinions about whether Michigan Peaceworks should take up the domestic spying program as an issue to focus upon, or stick with the sole focus on ending the war.  We also talked about whether it would be wise to spend resources on the Impeach Bush campaign; and if so, whether that should focus on impeachment, or take a more moderate path of pushing for accountability and investigations first, with impeachment mentioned as a likely outcome.  There was a good discussion, with several points of view being presented.  One of the participants wanted us all to start thinking about the 2006 elections, given that it is going to be difficult to get anything progressive done with a Republican majority in both houses.  

We had to leave early, but we did stay long enough to hear Annie and Ron sing and play Empty Boots (5.1 MB mp3 file), one of their more emotionally-provocative antiwar songs.