Sunday, January 15, 2006

Blogroll Maintenance

I decided to do some blogroll maintenance.  This was spurred by the move of Pharygula and Living the Scientific Life to a site sponsored by Seed Magazine, called, appropriately, Science Blogs.  

I learned that several of the sites in my blogroll had made that move, so I updated them.  While I was at it, I added all of the blogs at Science Blogs to my blogroll.  There were a few good ones that I had not known about before.  Afarensis was thoughtful enough to provide a list of the blogs, and that made it easier for me to see what I had to do.  

As always happens with blogroll maintenance, I found several links to sites that had not been updated in a few months.  I deleted those.  In the event that I was overzealous, or made an errant click that deleted someone's link that they would rather I had not deleted, just let me know and I will restore it.  Or, if there is someone who who link for me to link to them, and I have not, just let me know.  I tend to link to eclectic sites that have a mix of science and/or medicine, and politics or social commentary.  I sometimes link to art or photography sites, and sometimes to sites of people I know, or people who have linked to me, or people who have left thoughtful comments -- even if I disagree with them -- or sometimes just on a whim. Plus, I alway keep a few links to right-leaning blogs, just for the sake of variety.  And yes, I actually do read them, from time to time.

During the cleanup, I only got through the B's, so I know that there probably are some dead links later in the alphabet.  I will get to those eventually.