Monday, October 18, 2004

Scientists on Politics

On The Dubious Biologist, I encountered a link to a series on New Scientist, pertaining to the interface between science and politics.  In part, this is notable because it is a British publication.  Nature, another British publication, also has a series on election politics, but most of the articles are available only to subscribers. 

Scientific American  published an editorial that is pertinent to the election (see also this article).  Science  magazine has a special section on the election.  Both of these source offer open access for these items.  The New England Journal of Medicine  also has published a series of Election 2004 articles, and has made them accessible to all.  They haven't collected them all in one place, the way Nature  and New Scientist  did, but a search on "Election 2004" (quotes included) brings up these five articles

The Economist  has published a series of US Election 2004 articles.  Many are premium content (i.e. for subscribers only), but many are open.  See this page  (and scroll down) for a list of open-access articles. 

I can't recommend that anyone read ALL of these articles, unless you are an undecided voter.  In that case, you just got some homework.