Sunday, August 15, 2004

Thanks For Clearing That Up

Some of the news programs -- even Fox -- have been critical of the President for distorting Mr. Kerry's position on the authorization for the use of military for in Iraq.  I found this information on the weblog, Amygdala

The quote is from a speech Kerry made in October, 2002.  Notice that it is entirely congruent with his more recent statements.  The text block to the left can be seen in its original context by clicking on it.  Yesterday, Mr. Bush stated that he wants to thank Mr. Kerry for clarifying his position.  A nice gesture, to be sure, although as the original text shows, Mr. Kerry did not really need to clarify anything; his position was quite clear already. 

If, indeed, any clarification was needed, it was to clear up the distortions disseminated by the Republican Party.  So I suppose it was appropriate for Mr. Bush to thank Mr. Kerry -- even if all Kerry did was to correct Mr. Bush's own lies.