Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Gene Therapy With Behavioral Consequences...(?)

...In monkeys, anyway, sort of.  Recently, news@nature.com reported on a study, in which the behavior of monkeys was altered by injecting DNA into their brains.  The original article is available, open access, at PNAS.  The title of the Nature news report got my attention: Gene therapy cures monkeys of laziness.  Did the scientists find a way to alter the genetic makeup of monkeys, such that they were better workers?  Could this work for humans?  Could we actually make people into better workers?  Maybe then we could all get a little injection into our skulls and boost the GDP!  Maybe no child will be left behind, for real.  Just get them all to stand in a line, before they take the SAT or whatever, give them a little needle in the skull, hand out some sharp #2 pencils, and let 'em at it!

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