Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Why Bloggers Should Use Netscape
It's Not Just For Better Security

Recent security flaws in Explorer have been publicized widely, causing more people to turn to alternative browsers.  Netscape, Firefox, and Opera are free, although the free version of Opera has an advertising banner.  The alternatives all have tabbed browsing, which enables you to have multiple web pages open at the same time.  This is great when reading several blogs and news articles,  and referring back to them when writing your own post.  Various bloggers have touted Opera or Firefox.  Indeed, they have their advantages.  Opera runs a little faster; Firefox has a cleaner look, because it has no advertising banner.   Still, I prefer Netscape.  Why?  Because it has an integrated email client.  SInce I like to be able to encrypt and/or digitally sign messages, web-based e-mail is not useful for me.  Also, Netscape comes with a WYSIWYG  HTML editor.  This is great for writing blog entries.

I've written a piece that explains why users of Internet Explorer should consider switching to one of the other browsers, and why Netscape, in particular, is superior for bloggers.  Read it at The Rest of the Story.