Thursday, July 15, 2004

Thursday Breast Blogging
Politicians Make Boobs of Themselves

PZ Myers has a good post about breastfeeding.  In it, he makes some good points.  One of his primary points is that the Bush Administration recently dropped an ad campaign that would have promoted breastfeeding.  Apparently, this decision was made in response to political pressure from the infant formula industry.  What is more shocking is that the American Academy of Pediatrics supported the industrial leaders in this. 

The fact that the Administration has established a pattern of misusing, manipulating, and distorting science is old news.  See the Union of Concerned Scientists' web site  for background on this.  I've looked through their updated report, though, and it appears that they have not yet listed this particular example.  For that reason, I will be submitting this post to them.

Likewise, the allegation that infant formula companies engage in unethical promotion of their products is not news.  See this BMJ article  for more information on that subject.  

In this post, I criticize the Bush Administration for giving in to the interests of the infant formula industry, and failing to live up to their own standards.  I also provide information on the benefits of breastfeeding, and wrap it up with some biblical passages.  Read the rest at The Rest ofthe Story.