Monday, July 05, 2004

Study Now or Study Later

In 2003, many Americans, including the military, were caught off guard when Iraq again became an object of interest.  Most of us knew nothing about the place, and had to read up on it to know what was going on in the world.  The military suffered -- and still suffers -- from a relative deficit of qualified translators.  The Administrative Branch of government was populated by personnel who had little knowledge, and even less understanding, of Iraqi or Islamic culture. 

Now, in 2004, there is a good chance that the spotlight will shift to Iran.  Again, Americans know almost nothing about the country or its cultures.  I suggest that we get a bit of a head start, and begin reading up on the pertinent subjects. 

Here is a good start. from a new addition to my blogroll: the Middle East Research Institute (link noticed on Maverick Philosopher):

Special Dispatch Series - No. 738
July 2, 2004

Iranian Intellectual: 'Religious Tyranny is Based on a Fascist Interpretation of Faith... Muslims Should Reform Religion... Accept Democracy'

The director of the Association for the Defense of Journalism in Iran, Dr. Mohsen Kedivar, participated in a seminar titled "Towards Democracy" at the Law and Political Science Faculty of the University of Tehran. In a speech, he addressed the issue of tyranny and democracy in Iran, noting that Iranian society had experienced two types of tyranny: secular tyranny under the Shah's regime, and religious tyranny under the regime of the Islamic Revolution.... (read the rest at this site)