Monday, July 05, 2004

Quote of the Day

I am obsessed with meaning. And frankly, I do not get the meaning of this obsession.
(Rachelle -- Girl Interrupted)

She also wrote this, in an essay about voting for the first time in her life:

The country is facing a myriad of problems, all of which need attention. But I personally believe we can't solve the other problems if we don't start from the roots. Structural reformation/structural adjustment is my main concern. The bureaucracy should be made more efficient (fight corruption/cut red tape). Policies for the preservation of law and order should be enforced. Citizens' welfare should be promoted, primarily through education.

Considering the country's situation, we can't have just a popular president. We need someone who could really affect change, and for me a leader could only do that if he or she has the intellect-experience-character combo.

Right now, my dilemma is that the person I'd like to vote for is different from the one I deem to be the most qualified. There is also the issue of winnability. Should I make a statement and vote for a candidate even if he or she is unpopular or should I cast a "productive" vote and choose the winnable lesser evil? The categories by which to judge the candidates are also problematic. Voters have to compromise; it seems intelligence, experience, heart, and character cannot be found in just one candidate. All the issues, the platforms, the words said, and the things done are all so confusing. Those who claimed voting is a big responsibility were not joking. 

How many American teenagers could write such an essay?  Rachelle is from the Philippines.