Friday, July 02, 2004

Following up on the stunning anouncement that the death toll among US military in Iraq has declined for two months in a row, there is even more good news being reported today:

Australia Creates World's Largest Reef Sanctuary
July 1, 2004 — By Sophie Hares

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia's Great Barrier Reef became the world's biggest protected marine network on Thursday, a move environmental groups hope countries in Asia and Central America will copy in a bid to save their endangered coral reefs.

 Australia has slapped a ban on fishing and shipping on a third of the reef, the planet's largest living structure, protecting one of its main tourist attractions which is threatened by over-fishing, pollution and higher temperatures.

"In terms of an insurance policy for the future of the reef, it's an incredibly important step, to ensure that the reef is there as a major economic driver, just as it is a natural icon for the country," said Bruce Kingston, spokesman for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. [...]