Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Quite An Excellent Performance

The Ann Arbor Community High School  Mock Trial team  returned from Orlando Florida, after competing in the National Finals.  The won three of four trials.  The one they lost, they lost by just one point.  That was good enough for a fourth place finish. There were about 45 teams at the finals.  I don't know how many teams there are in the country, but the number is probably about 400.   So they placed in the top one percent. 

Last year, I think they placed #16 at the Nationals.  Next year, most of the team will have graduated.  Kevin will be one of their most experienced members, so there'll be a lot of responsibility on his shoulders.  Assuming he chooses to participate, which is up to him.  No pressure from Dad, ever1.  (He seems to do his best if you just let him do what he wants.)

Kevin is the tall kid in the back row.

1Parents of very bright children know exactly what I mean by this.