Sunday, April 11, 2004


Charles Lindberg
Charles Lindbergh became the century's first hero when in 1927 he flies Spirit of St. Louis alone across the Atlantic between New York and Paris. It's been told that Charles Lindbergh, of Swedish ancestry, became a great fan of Swedish snus after trying it on one of his many journeys to Europe.

Anders Sandberg over at Andart has a nice post about the Swedish smokeless tobacco, Snus.  This highlights a problem in one area of medicine.  There are two camps.  The hard-line antismoking group wants to ban all tobacco, period.  The tobacco farmers want no ban at all.  There is a group in the middle, but no one seems to care about them.

Sometimes I think that activists shoot themselves in the foot by adopting a no-compromises-tolerated approach. 

(For another good Swedish blog, see Different Opinion.)