Thursday, February 19, 2004

Things Found While Looking for Other things
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Computacional program assures that it can detect the love

Date edition: 19-02-2004

The creators of a new and peculiar software assure that this one would allow to know scuánto love exists in a telephone conversation.

One is a program that settles in a computer connected to the telephone line. When a call is answered, it activates and supposedly it analyzes the voice of the other person, detecting if this one feels or nonlove of that is in favor to the other side.

The authors say that with the absolute discresión and through vibrations, the feelings can be known that call.

At the moment at which the two people take telephone contact, a flower appears in the screen of the user of the program and is she the one that interprets the feelings of that call: if to the flower the petals fall to him while the conversation is maintained, then the person who is to the other side of the telephone is enamored or definitively she lies if she is that she has said "I want to you". If the program catches love in the voice of that calls, then the flower begins to recover its petals.

The creators of the system explain that the vibration emitted by the voice to the telephone allows to detect if the person who speaks is estresada, if she is nervous and even if she lies or she says the truth

Isn't it good to know that through vibrations, the feelings can be known?